Friday, July 13, 2012

"Mahari Titri" - Rajasthani Hot Video Song - Ruplo Rabari

"Mahari Titri" Hot Video Song from album "Ruplo Rebari"
("Rajasthani Folk Dance Video Songs")

Song Title : "Mahari Titri"
Album Name : Ruplo Rabari
Singers: Manohar Luhar, Bablu Raja
Song Type : Hot Rajsthani Folk Song
Music Director : J.R Nagar
Banner : Manmeet Cassette

A famous song of Bollywood movie "De Taali" sing by Raja Hasan - "Maari Teetri"'s Rajasthani version "mahari titri".

A Very Hot and Famouse Song of Rajasthan .

In this video one policeman can perfrom hot and comedy dance with a hot rajasthani lady with very low cut colored top.


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